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Kairos Collective

The expanding occasional ensemble that Michiel van der Meulen assembles to record or perform his contemporary modal music. Kairos is the personification of the right moment, the time to act or an opportunity to be seized, perfectly encapsulating the spirit and atmosphere of the collective’s sessions.

Kairos Collective - Erato (TouMilou #6, 2022)

TouMilou #6, 2022 / album

Kairos Collective - Ripplets (Single; TouMilou #7, 2023)

TouMilou #7, 2023 / single

Kairos Collective - Európe (TouMilou #3, 2019)

TouMilou #3, 2019 / album

Kairos Collective - Pîrî Reis (Toumilou #1, 2017)

TouMilou #1, 2017 / album



Legendary Dutch ensemble that played Balkan and Turkish folk music and released three records during its existence (1962–1995): Balkan Orchestra Čalgija (EP, 1966), Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #1 (LP, 1978) and Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #2 (CD, 1991). TouMilou reissued the EP and produced, in co-operation with Pan Records, two additional full albums from unreleased studio and live material from the late 1970s and early 1980s: the ensemble in its heyday.

Čalgija - Üçayak (TouMilou #5, 2021)

TouMilou #5, 2021 / album

Čalgija - Unforgotten (PAN 2056/TouMilou #4, 2020)

PAN 2056 / TouMilou #4, 2020 / album

Čalgija - Vintage Recordings 1964-1966 (TouMilou #2, 2017)

TouMilou #2, 2017 / EP


Traditionele Turkse kunstmuziek / Traditional Turkish art music

Dutch textbook on Ottoman classical music by Wouter Swets (1930-2016), first published by the Dutch public broadcasting organisation KRO in 1983. The book describes the music in terms of its historical and geographical context, forms and approaches, modal and rhythmic systems, and comes up with a useful graphic representation of 60 makams. The second edition of 2023 was edited and supplemented by Michiel van der Meulen.

Traditionele Turkse kunstmuziek

TouMilou, 2023 / paperback (€ 22,99)

Brave New Books


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Kairos Collective

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Traditionele Turkse kunstmuziek

  • A paperback can purchased directly from TouMilou via Brave New Books: € 22,99
  • The book is available at all major Dutch book stores

Revenues of Čalgija and Al Farabi CD sales and Traditionele Turkse kunstmuziek book sales are transferred to the estate of Wouter Swets and used to cover the expenses of a continued effort to safeguard his musical legacy. TouMilou Music contributes to this effort on a pro bono basis.

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