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Čalgija | Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #2

Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #2 was Čalgija’s long-awaited second album, released in 1991, thirteen years after their acclaimed debut. It contains 8 tracks from shelved recordings done in 1983/84 (for an album that would be released in 2020 as Unforgotten), and 12 tracks recorded in 1990. The original liner notes are published on as supplementary material to the streamed album.

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Album information

Tracks / total playing time 67:37

  1. Aide mor’ milia
  2. Güvercin
  3. Dali znaeš pomniš li
  4. Krivo horo
  5. Dağlar, dağlar
  6. Potamia
  7. Derde derman
  8. Razložko kalajdžijsko horo
  9. Të kam dashtë dhe të du
  10. To aidhoni
  11. Turnalar
  12. Ispaiče
  13. Acem kızı
  14. Naz bar
  15. Baş bar
  16. Alexandra
  17. Suite of Armenian dance tunes
  18. Beratçe
  19. Köşküm var
  20. Posednica

30-sec. track samples on Soundcloud.


Folk music from the Balkans (Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria), Anatolia and Armenia.

Liner notes

Read Wouter Swets’ original annotations.



Wouter Swets (musical director) – accordion, kanun, synthesizer, tăpan
Roel Sluis – vocals, kaval, sopranino recorder
Naim Avcı – vocals, cura saz, tar
Jan Hofmeijer – clarinet, santur

Monique Lansdorp – violin, gădulka
Tjarko ten Have – santur, gajda, kaval, bağlama
Frank Leenhoutsoud, laouto, divan sazı, tambura
Roelof Rosendal – darbuka, def, tăpan
Jan van Eekeren – darbuka, def, tăpan

Liner notes: Wouter Swets, ethnomusicologist.
Tracks 3, 4, 8, 12, 13, 15, 16 and 18 (AAD) recorded by Carlo van Nierop between December 1983 and May 1984 and mixed in January 1985 in Van der Linden studio, Rossum, Netherlands. Tracks 1, 2, 5,6 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17, 19 and 20 (DDD) recorded live directly on a two-track digital master-recorder in special stereo-setting without any mixing, adaptation or artificial echo by Boyd Noorda at Duotone studio, The Hague, Netherlands, on January 27 + 28 and February 18, 1990.

Design: Piet Schreuders
Photo: Crispijn Oomes (Zaghori, Epirus, Greece, August 1980)
Digital mastering: Audiostudio Joop Wesselius
Production: Čalgija for Pan and Paradox
Executive producer: Bernard Kleikamp

PAN 2007CD / EAN 713958200728
℗ and © 1991 Paradox


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Čalgija CD sales revenues are transferred to the estate of Wouter Swets and used to cover the expenses of a continued effort to safeguard his musical legacy. TouMilou Music contributes to this effort on a pro bono basis.


Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #2 album art (945 x 945 px jpg)

Album art / 945 x 945 px jpg

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