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If you buy a digital or physical album, you’ll support a next project – there is always something going on. Check the album pages of Erato (2023), Európe (2019) of Pîrî Reis (2017) or listen here.

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You can also make a donation. It will be greatly appreciated, and your support will be acknowledged on a next release (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous). Please drop me a note if you do, so that I can thank you properly.

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And don’t forget to follow us on Bandcamp, the online platform that allows you to buy music directly from the people who make it. Unlike other channels, most revenue goes to the makers. Independent artists need independent listeners!


While music lovers used to spend their money to build personal collections of albums of their favorite artists, streaming services now provide them with access to basically all music out there for a trifle. To artists this means that recorded music is no longer a marketable product unless they cater for the masses.

Even a moderately ambitious recording project will take an investment of a couple of thousands of euros – there are studio costs, musicians fees, expenses for transportation, consumables, design, printing, pressing, promotion, and so forth. Streaming will earn you a couple of tenths of a cent per play, which means that it takes millions of streams to merely break even.

For mainstream artists such volumes present no problem. However, if music is Frisian, Latvian, Basque or belonging to any such small ethnic group, if it is progressive, avant-garde, experimental or—since you are here—contemporary modal, if it is obscure, obnoxious or even subversive, then its audience is bound to be too small to support recordings commercially. Music in any such category is not recorded to make money, but for the love of it, and to build a reputation that will bring in concerts or students. It represents an investment.

Great music, can we find it on Spotify?

While streaming is said to have saved the music industry, it has sofar failed to create an environment where musicians and composers, the actual creators of music, thrive. A system that basically defines value by volume can ultimately only produce blandness. There is of course nothing wrong with mainstream, but music renews itself in the fringes so we need those to be viable too. Independent artists need your support – streaming them won’t cut it. So, no, Erato, Európe and Pîrî Reis are not on Spotify or any such streaming service. But they are still easy to access.

Mind you, I am not judging you if you are a streaming service enthousiast: they offer a great deal. Do keep in mind though that there are better and fairer ways to support independent artists and labels.

Kairos Collective - Erato (TouMilou #6, 2022)

Erato / Contemporary Modal Music / Kairos Collective  / TouMilou #6, 2022

Kairos Collective - Európe (TouMilou #3, 2019)

Európe / Contemporary Modal Music / Kairos Collective / TouMilou #3, 2019

Kairos Collective - Pîrî Reis (TouMilou #1, 2017)

Pîrî Reis / Contemporary Modal Music / Kairos Collective / TouMilou #1, 2017

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