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Čalgija | Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #1

Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #1 is Čalgija’s acclaimed debut album, originally released on LP by Münich Records in 1978 and as a digital album by Pan Records in 2013. The original liner notes are published on as supplementary material to the streamed album.

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Album information

Tracks / total playing time 41:24

  1. Sulejmanovo oro
  2. Kerimoğlu zeybeği
  3. Jovino horo
  4. Antice, džanam, dušice
  5. Haj, otkako je Banja Luka postala
  6. Papadhia
  7. Lukovitski momi horo
  8. Kostantis
  9. Liljano mome ubavo
  10. Kars yerli barı
  11. Osman Paşa
  12. Valle nr. 1 e Tiranës

30-sec. track samples on Soundcloud.


Folk music from the Balkans (Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria) and Anatolia.

Liner notes

Read Wouter Swets’ original annotations.



Wouter Swets (musical director) – accordion, kanun, tapan
Roel Sluis – vocals, kaval
Jan Hofmeijer – vocals, clarinet, gajda, santur
Crispijn Oomes – violin, gădulka, cura saz

Tjarko ten Have – gajda, kaval, bağlama, def, tapan
Remco Busink – oud, laouto, bağlama, tambura
Thijs de Melker – bağlama, laouto, tambura, guitar
Roelof Rosendal – gaida, darbuka, tapan

Place and time of recording: Nieuwe Gracht 32, Utrecht; 1977–1978.
All recordings are arrangements of original folktunes.

Liner notes: Wouter Swets
Design: Fotoset Meijer B.V.
Painting (front cover art): Tjarko ten Have
Photography: Eelco Brinkman
Producer: Job Zomer
Executive production: Munich Records B.V.

Stoof MU 7425 / PAN 7425
© 1978/2013 Pan Records


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Music from the Balkans and Anatolia #1 album art (945 x 945 px jpg)

Album art / 945 x 945 px jpg

About the album artwork
Besides member of Čalgija, Tjarko ten Have (‘s-Heer Arendskerke, 1947 – Vlissingen, 2003) was an accomplished painter, who was best known for his portraits of athletes and jazz masters. His painting of two Turkish men drinking tea for the cover of Čalgija’s debut album is actually a double self-portrait (1978, oil on canvas, approx 75 x 65 cm, in private collection). A full image is included in the liner notes.

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