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Oats in the Water (Single)


This song was recorded during the first corona pandemic lockdown in 2020. It is clearly a home recording, done around the kitchen table, but the atmosphere is right, reflecting its gloomy lyrics and the conditions around the time of our session.

Michiel van der Meulen
Bunnik, April 2020

Tom van der Meulen – vocals
Michiel van der Meulen – electric guitar

Michiel van der Meulen

Music copyright and credits
Song/lyrics by Ben Howard
© 2011 Island Records

Video copyright
All video material used is open source and obtained from Pexels.


Oats in the Water album art (1000 x 1000 px jpg)

Artwork / 1000 x 1000 px jpg


Oats in the Water
By Ben Howards

Go your way
I’ll take the long way ’round
I’ll find my own way down
As I should

And hold your gaze
There’s coke in the Midas touch
A joke in the way that we rust
And breathe again

And you’ll find loss
And you’ll fear what you found
When the weather comes
Tearing down

There’ll be oats in the water
There’ll be birds on the ground
There’ll be things you never asked her
How they tear at you now

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